Although Justin has always been interested in programming, having taught himself a variety of languages, it wasn’t until 2010—with the economy going nowhere and his day job looking more and more like a dead end—that he finally quit and started working for himself as an iOS app developer. Today, he owns and operates two app development companies: forScore, LLC and Bitpress, LLC.


Founded in 2010 with the arrival of the iPad, MGS Development—now forScore, LLC—brought one of the first sheet music readers to the App store and quickly defined the market. Still the best and most successful music reader for iPad, forScore has seen over eighty updates and continues to evolve and bring new life to centuries-old music.


the music reader for iPad

Pitch, Please!

start off on the right note

forScore mini

the music reader for iPhone


wireless page turns & more

Beat Keeper

keep time with style


a sleek instrument tuner


Bitpress was founded as Springbok in 2011 with a strong focus on stewardship and awareness. Springbok’s first app, King’s Corner, became one of the few accessible card games for iOS, and a portion of the proceeds from all of Springbok’s apps were donated to the World Wildlife Fund. Bitpress continues that mission by creating incredible new apps and by regularly giving to charities that focus on preserving ecosystems around the world.

King’s Corner

the new king of card games

Trail Share

SPOT™ device mobile tracking

King’s Corner Free

try it for free (ad-supported)


there’s a tap for that


10,000 songs on your music stand

Clouds Below

a balloon with a view