Features | December 31st, 2012

A new album of solo piano compositions, available now!


Features | May 8th, 2012

Justin’s album of solo piano compositions is available now! This album features 16 all-new tracks, and is also part of an exciting project to send a weather balloon into space, called Project Zephyr.


Features | February 23rd, 2012

Check out the deluxe edition of Justin’s 2006 album of piano compositions, Duality, completely remastered and available exclusively on iTunes.

Shipyard Rook

Features | February 9th, 2012

Justin’s first full-length novel, Shipyard Rook, is available now. Find out more on the Books page, or download a free sample through the iBookstore today!

RE | Kingdom Crumble Redux

Features | December 20th, 2009

In 2008, Justin Bianco released an album of solo piano compositions, called Kingdom Crumble. Now, under the pseudonym Ambulephabus, he has released a complete recreation of the album with a more percussive, electronic sound.