Shipyard Rook

Justin’s first full-length novel, Shipyard Rook, is the story of two lost children growing up fifty years after a plague has wiped out most of humanity. As they make their way into an empty city in search of food, they realize that the dregs of civilization are still lurking nearby, waiting to judge them and the future they’ve already started to create.

“Apocalyptic stories aren’t new,” Justin says, recalling his inspiration for the book, “but they always seem to start at the moment of destruction, or a few years later, at most. The story I want to read and explore is the story of how children, having never been a part of the old world, look at what we had and translate that into a workable future.”

Shipyard Rook was released on December 17, 2011, and is currently available digitally through the iBookstore, or in paperback through CreateSpace.