The contest returns!

The WIDAFA (Why I Deserve A Free Album) contest was something that was done years ago every time an album was released. Basically, everyone who was so inclined wrote in and stated, in a paragraph, why they deserved a free album. Points were awarded for style, humor, and how convincing the entry was.

Now that the site has been moved over and all that spring cleaning brought back good memories of contests long ago, it’s time for another. Hence, the Kingdom Crumble WIDAFA contest begins. Thanks to the new infrastructure of the site, you can simply respond to this post in the comments and a winner will be announced on June 2nd; one month from today. Remember to make it about a normal-sized paragraph (a few sentences) and keep it funny, clean, and clever.

Good luck!

No purchase required, one entry per person, yadda yadda yadda. Spambots need not apply.