P.O.D. quality just doesn’t quite satisfy

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Just waiting until the HORIZON release date. Then it’s onto marketing and advertising… The soundtrack is awesome, and although the print quality is slightly less than I’d hoped, that’s the downside to print-on-demand. And, since I have no money for investing in high-quality products that I may never sell… well, you get the point. Go take a listen, and hang out. Remember, you can also hear a bunch of streaming audio on the media page, download some music, or sign up for the members-only section and hear ‘Flesh And Bone’ streaming.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep you all interested, I’m releasing a free mini-game. It’s a sort of racing game thingy, featuring our very own Pablo. You see him jumping up and down in the corner, don’t you? Well, you wouldn’t want to keep him waiting! DirectX 6.0 or later is required, along with a semi-decent computer. Other than that, you’ve got what you need, so go download and play! Tell me what you think, too, so I can find out what y’all like. Justin at JustinBianco.com.