Physical CDs; who needs ’em?

Hi all, Justin here. I just got something interesting in the mail today- physical copies of four of my albums from Lulu. They’re print on demand, which means I can sell physical CDs without up-front investment. The thing is, they’re total crap. I mean, the folding is off, the printing is horrendous, and they put their own barcodes over my content on EVERY printable surface. The inside cover, the disk, the back… the spine too, if they could, I’m sure. Also, two of the disks were in the wrong cases.

So I’d like to apologize to anyone who has bought a physical CD of mine through Lulu. With as much attention to detail I have when it comes to designing every part of my albums, it might as well be yesterday’s recycling to them. My designs are deliberate, and I think my entire production is being ruined by this form of media.

I’ll open it up to the public. I’m considering removing all physical media from the Lulu store. Would anyone be sad to see disks go? Commence commenting.