Phoenix WIDAFA contest winners, Flesh & Bone

Congrats to the winners of the ‘Why I Deserve A Free Album’ contest. As for the rest of you, remember you can always pick up your own copy of ‘Phoenix’ here.

Now onto other news: It is with pleasure that I announce the latest in a string of upcoming releases – Flesh And Bone. That is, of course, the condensed title. The full thing is ‘Flesh Of One Flesh And Bone Of One Bone: Justin Bianco – Unplugged.’ Now you understand the necessity of a condensed version. Anywho, it’s an all-acoustic album with some older songs and a few new ones. Check it out in the ‘specials’ section on the right. Oh, and Pablo will be working hard to finish his promotional work for ‘Flesh And Bone’ in the next few days. Hopefully he’ll meet his deadline, with the help of coffee and whatever else it is that bugs of his stature prefer.