Overdue News

Well I reckon it’s about time to catch up on news, since I let the site slide for a while there. After the release of Finality, I tried once more to produce “The Life And Times Of…”, but still, technical hurdles were too high. It’s simply not practical to do what I wanted for the project, so it’s been shelved once more. For those who don’t know, LATO was going to be a sort of DVD-version of a boxed set. One side effect of going back and reviewing my work was a period of contemplation on the future of my music. I felt, for a time, that Finality would be my last album, and so aptly named. For now, most things I attempt simply don’t sound how I want them to, so I’m returning to the piano. Since it’s my first instrument, and my center, so to speak, I can start from the foundation and see where it takes me. Anyway, I guess that’s my whole new years’ reality check.