One More Thing…

Hey everyone, Justin here. iTunes LP has become a bit of a hobby for me lately- it’s everything I always loved about web development and marketing, without the IE compatibility issues!

As you might have heard, Kingdom Crumble and Nocturnum already have free LPs on my LP page. I’m already working on others, but it’s taking time away from finishing up my latest musical project as Ambulephabus- “Kingdom Crumble Re-imagined.” So I intend to get back to both of these projects and make major headway, but alas, Apple has released updates, and they’re causing some interesting… things… to happen.

You can now view iTunes LPs in fullscreen mode. Neat!

Without their special manifest document, LPs can’t be imported into iTunes correctly. The files have been fixed, but that’s the problem with working on an unpublished “standard” (calling it that is a bit of an oxymoron at this point.)

The iTunes LPs will work with AppleTV software 3.0. Unfortunately, no one knows how yet, since even the iTunes LP’s currently sold by Apple are incompatible. So, as soon as we know, we’ll fix ’em up and get them out the door all shiny and new. Until then, everything should work the same way in iTunes itself.

Oh- and one more thing. The Etienne! screening is next weekend, so if you responded with a “maybe” on Facebook, it’s time to commit! Go do it!

Thanks for the continued support and cheer, everyone! You’re the best.