Nocturnum, iTunes Plus, and technical difficulties

Three separate news items for you today: The first is an apology- there were a few renewal hiccups with the domain name, and the site was down for a few days. No worries though, it’s all been taken care of.

Secondly, it looks as though several Justin Bianco albums are primed and ready to be offered in the higher quality, drm-free iTunes Plus variety. At the moment the “iTunes Plus” label means little, as the tracks are still in their old format, but many sites are reporting that an announcement will be made soon regarding this. Stay tuned, and if you’re planning on buying any Justin Bianco music from iTunes, you might do well to wait a few days. This post will be updated when more information is available.

[Update: As suspected, Siren, Finality, and the Magnatune Compilations featuring Justin Bianco are now offered as iTunes Plus tracks for the same $0.99 per song or $7.99 for the album. The remaining albums will be upgraded when their respective intermediary companies (CDBaby and TuneCore) finish re-submitting their catalogues.]

Finally, Nocturnum (the full version) is available as a physical CD from lulu. Check out the Nocturnum page or the store to buy it.