No news is… no internet.

No internet connection for me yet, though I have my apartment. So it’s web-mooching for me and not-so-much news for you. Boo hoo.

[Future Justin Note: From December ’02 when I quit school until March of ’03 I was in the process of getting my first apartment, which took far far far longer than it should have. During this time I had just quit school and was basically sleeping wherever I could- with friends, in the dorms, or wherever. Fortunately, never under a bridge! This is why, however, there is no real news during this period. Later during the summer of ’03, a few albums were released that weren’t all that great, and so I decided that re-posting the news items from their release was not all that important. In the Fall, I decided to move to San Francisco, and you’ll see the news items pick up again at that point. Just thought you should know! End future Justin note.]