Justice Now completed

The final edits have just been completed for the Justice Now project, which should be released quite soon. Although it’s been almost a year’s worth of work (since I came onto the project, and many more years of work for everyone else involved,) I have to say that this has been an extremely rewarding project, and I hope everyone will explore the possibilities of a prison-free world with open-mindedness and hope for a brighter future.

Now, onto more mundane matters. I have been working on a follow up to ‘Phoenix,’ and although the tone of this album seems a little more electronic, I still like to think of it as a continuation of the process I began with Phoenix. The name of the new album is ‘Children Sublime,’ and it should be out by the end of September. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but each album I create seems so much better, so much more compelling than the last, that I love the process of making music, even if no one else in the world ever listens to it. Despite the rewards inherent to creating music, hopefully I’ll be able to pay the bills with this one… Ah, ever the struggling artist. Would I have it any other way?