Well! So much good news! First of all, justinbianco.20m.com has done away with that nasty 20m business and can now be accessed through www.justinbianco.com. Go ahead: try it and prepare to be amazed!

More good news… Today is a very special day. Today brings the official birthday of the Blue Bottle Collective. “What’s that,” you ask? Well, it’s an online musician’s co-operative cross-advertising community. What that means is that everyone who is a part of it does neat stuff like put links to other collective members’ websites. Also, when another member releases a new album, all the other members help spread the word. Casually, of course, other members may be mentioned at shows, etc. www.bluebottlecollective.com. [EDIT: No longer, sorry!]

The collective now has four members, soon to be five. The newest addition is Amy René Anderson, who will be collaborating with me on my next album. She sings real pretty.

Yes indeed, I believe that’s all. Keep it real, yoozles.