Forge features

Forge is featured on the new audiobook of Rui Diniz‘s Portuguese poetry, Corte d’El-Rei. The book itself is hardcover, and includes a CD version which is read by famed voice actor Luiz Gaspar. Below is an excerpt from the article, which you can read here [link removed during archival].

While Magnatune licenses its catalog for many different kinds of projects, audiobooks represent a natural pairing of words & music. Portuguese poet Rui Diniz recently contacted us about using the work of Magnatune artist Justin Bianco for his new audiobook project “Corte d’El-Rei.”

Offered in both print & audiobook versions, the work is a collection of poetry and two tales exploring illusion and reality. For the audiobook Luiz Gaspar, a famous professional voice in Portugal heard in many commercials and documentaries read the text.

Forge has been highlighted lately by a series of requests for featuring several or all songs from the album on both commercial and personal projects. In other news, Justin is still in the process of moving and getting set up in Portland. Although he will be available through email, the site will be expectedly quiet for the next month, so please pardon the absence.