Divorce! Justin Bianco & Ambulephabus

For many years now, Justin Bianco has been creating music of two genres. On the one hand, he has been creating solo piano compositions for as long as he can remember, but for the last decade has also been experimenting with more electronic-oriented sounds. While there is bound to be some overlap, it becomes difficult to explain such varying sounds to passers-by.

You may have noticed that this site has been (for about three months now) called ambulephab.us.  While justinbianco.com has redirected here, this is just a step towards the inevitable divorce of the two genres.

And so, I now introduce you to two distinct artists, though they are the same person: Justin Bianco, continuing on in solo piano, and Ambulephabus, exploring electronic sounds.  Ambulephab.us will soon stand alone, and JustinBianco.com will begin to function separately and of its own accord.  This will take a little while, so please be patient, but it seems to be the right thing for both parties.  Or the same party.  It’s confusing.

To further confuse matters, the first stand-alone Ambulephabus album will be a remake of Justin Bianco’s “Kingdom Crumble,” in a more percussive manner.  Stay tuned right here for much more in the coming weeks.  It’s been an amazing decade of music, so welcome to the next!