Dear Dreamhost

Dear Dreamhost,

You’ve been a reasonable web host for a while now, and although your website suffers from the same design issues that all web hosts seem to suffer from, I’ve been pleased with your service, if not as much your price. But hey, for what you do, I’ll cough up the dough.

Sure, there are random outages from time to time and relatively slow page loads more often, but it was good enough. At least, it was until you decided to block 350+ customer support emails from getting to me. Oh, and that doesn’t count the people who tried to contact me about my music. Or the people who tried to conduct business with my parents through their site (which I also manage.)

Of course, you didn’t block ALL emails, just a significant number of them. See, if you’d blocked everything, then at least I’d know something was amiss, but you didn’t—you just blocked enough to really get me into trouble. For two and a half months this has been going on.

I get that spam is a real problem, and that you need to control the ways that people can use your servers to send messages. On the other hand, I use WordPress (compatibility with which you helpfully advertise, so it’s not like I’m in the vast minority here) and all of WordPress’ contact forms pretty much work this way. So thousands of websites may not be getting their information from you this very minute, and who knows how long it’ll take them to figure it out.

You could have at least told me. (Although, to be honest, you may have mentioned it somewhere in one of your long and loose newsletters so I’ll cut you some slack here.) Regardless, you’re now officially on my shit list.


P.S. For anyone having this issue, your contact form must send its email from an address ending with your domain, and use the sender’s actual email address as the reply-to value. Any messages you may have missed will be on your server under Maildir/new/.