Dear Customer

all i see is the user guide how do i close it and start using the ap

Dear Customer,

A few minor things: first, punctuation. There are so many different kinds! Why wouldn’t you take advantage of them all? Now, I know there are a lot of rules (and they don’t always make sense), but you can try—I don’t expect everything to be perfect. All I expect is that sentences be separated and that questions be clearly identified with the appropriate mark; it really makes a big difference.

Second, an ap is not a thing. I have never heard of this. Nor have I heard of an I-PAD, just in case that’s where this conversation is headed.

Finally, a user guide is a marvelous thing. It’s almost magical. If done right, it’s even pretty, but it’s not just there for you to marvel at my impeccable design sense—no, it contains actual, valuable insights into the very questions to which you seek answers! I’ve literally put the answers right in front of you, and instead of actually reading them, you’ve shaken your head, decided to visit the app’s website, written up a (nicely concise!) support email, and are now waiting for a response, probably wondering why I’m putting you through all of this rigmarole.

I don’t mind telling you, customer, that I really think this is going to be the start of a beautiful business relationship.