Contest winner!

The contest has ended. Before I announce the winner, let me say this: Relatives, friends with copies already, and spambots- you tempted fate with your entries, and so I have chosen none of these.

The winner was this entry:

Hey, Magnatune still doesn’t have that album listed? That’s why I need it as a free version!

Two birds with one stone, I say. Yes, Magnatune is an incredible company with a great vision and some awesome ideas. They’ve also been sitting on my new album for over four months now. So, with a lot of gratitude (but a little bit of spite) I choose this entry. I know, I have a slightly twisted nature.

Thanks, Glue, for the entry, and expect an email shortly. Until next time, contest friends!

P.S. No hard feelings, Magnatune; you pay me- I am grateful.