CineVegas updates

Although I was personally unable to attend, there are a few updates related to Etienne! from the CineVegas film festival. While the Grand Jury Award went to Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s Easier With Practice, an honorable mention award went to Etienne!, and a special “filmmaker to keep an eye out for in the future” nod went to director Jeff Mizushima. Lord knows how they fit that on the plaque.

For those who aren’t familiar with the film, it features two songs of the album Blackbird. Read articles about CineVegas and Etienne! at Reuters, Entertainment Today, and read a quick interview with Jeff on IndieWire.

Note: There are a lot of sources to sift through when getting this information, so please understand if information is incorrect or changes after this post is published. (“Dammit Jim, I’m a musician’s site, not a news source!”) Nonetheless, please let me know via the about page’s contact form should there be any inaccuracies or if you have information to add.