Today the shop got a big makeover, heavily simplified out of necessity as Justin’s albums are taken down throughout Magnatune’s extended web of digital distribution partners and put back up again on iTunes (exclusively for the time being). The music page also got an update today, and you can now click on each album to […]
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Justin now has an artist page on Ping, so be sure to check it out and follow him for the very latest news and more. With new music and remastered albums all coming soon to iTunes, it’s the best way keep track of it all!
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Moving Up

Hi all, Justin here. Today I ended my contract with, and to what has truly been a valuable partnership for the past six years. I’m grateful to John Buckman (and Jan, in the early days) for all that they’ve done and I wish everyone at Magnatune the best as they continue to fight for […]
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Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans”

Lana Del Rey’s video for the song “Blue Jeans” off of her upcoming EP ends with a little snippet of Justin’s song “Sword of Truth” (from the album Phoenix). Lana Del Rey has a great style and sound, and it’s an honor to be featured as part of this hit. You can watch the video […]
Read More, site changes has announced that they’ll no longer be selling downloads or physical CDs, making some of Justin’s older albums unavailable as of October 15th. We’re currently researching alternatives, so expect to hear more from us on that soon, but it’s likely that some of the more obscure titles will just disappear forever. The site was […]
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