It started with Facebook, now I’ve quit Twitter. Basically, at different points over the past few years, I felt more and more like these networks were more about leveraging friendship, not about promoting it. I’ve never been the kind of person to have superficial friendships with a lot of people, instead I prefer to have solid relationships with just a few. Instead of cultivating those relationships, though, I’ve isolated myself more than ever and justified it by looking to these impersonal feeds like they’re some kind of substitute.

I’ve also tried to keep my actual music/writing/app news on here separate from the kinds of casual rants and raves I usually post there, partly because I don’t want to offend my audience. I have lots of passions that I’ve never discussed openly (most notably politics), but I don’t think it’s right to try and separate my work from that and to baby-proof myself, as it were. Those opinions and thoughts probably shine through my work anyway, and censoring myself is an injustice to the real essence of what I do and why.

So we’ll see how this adventure goes, and what becomes of it. I’ll be re-enabling comments on those pieces to help foster constructive conversation, but based on some past abuses I’ll also be watching them carefully and removing anything that’s clearly incendiary. Internet anonymity breeds the worst kinds of hate, and I won’t stand for that here. I’ll also be separating the posts out so that music/writing/app news will still be on the news page, and the other stuff will appear on the “blog” page. I think it’s an inevitable inclusion, and I hope to see you there!