A night with Etienne

Hi everyone, Justin here, and I just returned from Olympia, Washington where I saw the screening of Etienne! at the Olympia Film Festival. It was a fantastic film, and if they manage a DVD release next year you can bet I’ll be mentioning it a lot. I got a chance to chat with director Jeff Mizushima and the lead actor Richard Vallejos, and hear about Jeff’s thoughts on the film and the selection of my songs for one particularly insightful sequence in the film.

Quoted as best as I can from memory: “We had been working with a piece for a while and it just wasn’t clicking, so Giacun [Caduff, Producer] and I started searching online for something. When we heard your song, we just knew immediately that it was perfect for the scene.”

It was a lovely evening (despite the terrible rain storm!) and I’m more glad than before to have been a part of this production. If you get a chance to see it, either via their upcoming international screenings, or their eventual and hopefully imminent DVD release, definitely do so. Thanks again to Jeff and Richard!