Days/Innocence imminent

News | October 6th, 2002

Busy busy bees around here… More recording with Chelsie, but at the rate it is going I’m setting back the release date a month. Look for it in late November. In other news, the wheels have begun turning, and my two new CDs (Days and Innocence) are poised and ready to leap out into the world. Design is mostly completed, and assembly should begin as soon as Sarah sends me her contributions. There will most likely be a CD release party or sorts, similar in style to last years release party for ‘The Truth In The Wind.’ I have to set up the space still, but it will probably be in the Platteau for those of you who are on campus. The day is almost upon us!

Thanks, Sarah!

News | October 3rd, 2002

Just as promised, Sarah Adamson has been putting forth a tremendous effort and keeping up with my greuling schedule… Depending on one factor which has yet to be resolved, the CDs should both be ready for a timely release at the end of the month. This is an optimistic estimate, however, so keep checking back here until the final date is posted.

More on Chelsie

News | September 26th, 2002

Recording for Chelsie Yount’s album has started, with three songs already recorded. Check the media and clips page for clips. The album will be available through this here website, so keep an eye out for that. Also, the guestbook isn’t working so well right now, so there’s no way to type in comments. I’ll see what I can do.

Sarah Adamson joins the team!

News | September 24th, 2002

The long-awaited collaboration with violinist Sarah Adamson is finally at hand. For the re-release of the piano CD [EDIT: Later called Innocence], Sarah has agreed to add her own accompaniment to the piano songs. A few of them still need to be re-recorded, but the release date is still expected to coincide with the release of the other album, which still has no name [EDIT: Later called Days]. Also, she might appear on the new album, depending on how she feels once she’s had a chance to listen to all of the songs.

Site updates, archives

News | September 22nd, 2002

A few new pages have been added; the discography and lyrics pages, which are (and will probably be for some time as I keep producing CDs) under construction. There is a new ‘News Archives’ page so that as time goes on, this page won’t be extremely long with outdated info. Also, be sure and check out the Chelsie Yount page where you can find out all there is to find out about her upcoming debut album.