News | April 2nd, 2003

I eagerly worked on my new projects until late into the night, and when I finally realized what the time was, it was 3:30am. So, I reluctantly decided to go to sleep. After all, I didn’t need to work until three the next day, so there was no problem. For a few hours I slept peacefully, until a booming siren went off. Suddenly alert, and quite deafened, I slowly realized that what I was hearing was in fact a fire alarm. After quickly dressing myself, I opened my apartment door, just as huge plumes of black smoke intruded into my abode. Minutes seemed like hours as I braved pillars of flame and destruction, until at last I emerged from the pits of hell into the cold, refreshingly clean air of early-morning Portland.

Okay, so it wasn’t nearly that dramatic, but there was a fire in my apartment building this morning. I was in fact deafened by the noise of the alarm, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When I walked down the stairwell, however, I noticed a distinct odor of smoke. When I emerged from the building, I saw smoke wafting from a fifth-floor room. The fire was promptly put out, and there was no damage to most of the building, but we couldn’t enter it again for about an hour. By that time, I couldn’t sleep, and went on 3 and a half hours of sleep all day long. I am, therefore, quite ready for bed.

No news is… no internet.

News | March 2nd, 2003

No internet connection for me yet, though I have my apartment. So it’s web-mooching for me and not-so-much news for you. Boo hoo.

[Future Justin Note: From December ’02 when I quit school until March of ’03 I was in the process of getting my first apartment, which took far far far longer than it should have. During this time I had just quit school and was basically sleeping wherever I could- with friends, in the dorms, or wherever. Fortunately, never under a bridge! This is why, however, there is no real news during this period. Later during the summer of ’03, a few albums were released that weren’t all that great, and so I decided that re-posting the news items from their release was not all that important. In the Fall, I decided to move to San Francisco, and you’ll see the news items pick up again at that point. Just thought you should know! End future Justin note.]

Finishing up

News | December 16th, 2002

Celibrate! Three good reasons to:

The first, Chelsie’s album which is complete. The second, Michael Graham’s album is complete. The third; I am done with school. Yes, this is the end of college for me, at least for now. Tonight I sleep in the dorms one last time…

EMC, Evans Auditorium

News | December 11th, 2002

Just a reminder that tomorrow (thursday) brings the Electronic Music Concert in Evans Auditorium, at 8 o’clock sharp. There will be two treats; the first is my song and video, and the second is James’ song and a video he created with my help. Be there or be… well… you know what.

Event updates

News | December 7th, 2002

The end is near. Soon I will be past my time at Lewis and Clark college. Indeed I am leaving, but am living close by, so not to fret! A wonderful presentation is in store for the people on campus… the Electronic Music Concert, featuring none other than myself, with a spiffy song and video to go with, is thursday, 12/12, in Evans Auditorium. Not sure about the details, but there are posters everywhere so check them out. Also, my photography final project is complete, and I will hopefully have scans in the gallery come Christmas. A good present, no?

Yet this is not the end of the wonders in store for the world! Elle McKay, longtime friend of mine and accomplice in crime, has just unveiled her gallery of sorts in Haven coffee shop. Everyone should check out the wondrous visions of Elle McKay at Haven (35th and Hawthorne.)

As always, rest assured there are always plans and projects on the horizon!