What's in store for 2004! Heh.

News | January 16th, 2004

I’m back, and welcome to 2004 everyone! This year should be wonderful, with an exciting lineup of releases. Two novels, another photography publication, and who knows how many albums.

About my break: For the first few weeks I was in southern Oregon with my parents, where we almost got snowed in with about a foot of snow on the ground. Our new years’ visitors got stuck at our place for a few days. Also, I got an opportunity to see my newborn nephew (who is extremely cute, and about a month and a half old now).

From there we went to Kauai, which was a strange contrast to the snow of before. It was great fun, and now I’m back and ready for school to begin again. So that’s that! Take care, everyone.

Justice Now in the SF Chronicle

News | December 18th, 2003

Justice Now in the news. This article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on 12/18/03, and is by Rashida Edmondson, and is well worth the read.

PTE, Novels

News | December 15th, 2003

Forgive the lack of update: busy you know. Finals, projects, DVD releases… You know, the usual.

So, first things first. Perpetuate The Evil will indeed be released on DVD on the 22nd, and it will be quite cool. I just tested everything out the other day, and it’s really something to see my work on a TV screen, rather than a computer. Anyway, hop on over to the special for more info, which is a little out of date, but should be redone today.

Next on the agenda, Destiny Of Heritage. Yes, indeed. I am having a bit of trouble with it, because every time I reread it, I’m not quite pleased with everything. If I’m going to do it, and I surely am, then I want to do it right. So, while the release date is still set for May 2004, don’t hate me if it is pushed back yet again.

Which brings me to “The Book Of Ronin,” which is my second novel being currently written. I am really enjoying the process, and I know it will be really neat when it is done. It is much more poetic than Destiny Of Heritage, so it takes a little longer to write. It will be worth it though.

Okay, enough chit-chat. Back to work.


News | November 25th, 2003

Just to clear this up, I hate ‘Best Of’ albums. However, I release them because there are tons of people out there who’ve been meaning to buy an album for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to it. You see, when I make a new album, there’s always some songs I love, and others I really hate after listening to the album for a few weeks. This is more like a second chance to release something that I now have a better idea of, after the initial release. Make sense?

Okay, with that said, there are two new releases. The first is the new ‘best of’ album, with some songs from ‘Future’ and some not. If you already own ‘Future,’ then you can buy ‘Future 2.0,’ which is shorter than the usual compilation (16 songs), and so is only five dollars. Cheers.

Bums titling albums

News | October 13th, 2003

“Hey,” the old maniacal bum yelled, “You’ll never make it here!” Slightly confused, and noting how notably unhinged the locals could be, Joan (Who was, by the way, wearing a fantastic outfit at the time which, sadly enough, may have provoked the encounter) walked faster, risking a confused glance behind her. The old, wrinkled man’s eyes were wide with focus as he continued. “You should be in NEW YORK; you should be in LA! You ain’t nothin’ but an album cover!” Still confused, Joan continued walking, the man ranting on and on behind her. She contemplated this as her steps and his voice parted.

True story. Hence the title of the new album.